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Hey guys.
I've got a laptop with 2 graphics card. Intel hd 4000 and the gtx 660m.
My problem is. There's this game called alliance of valiant arms which is a free online game. Now, when I play with my intel HD 4000 the game works perfectly. Since I don't want to be using my integrated graphics card. I would use the gtx 660m. When I play this game and the hackshield or w/e loads, my game closes and I get an error saying i have a third party program. And this only happens when I switch to my gtx 660m graphics card. My question is, Is there any additional soft ware which Nvidia gtx 660m has which doesn't show up on my taskmanager? or is there a setting to disable the backround software from the 660m?
thanks in advance!
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  1. There is something that nvidia uses so that when you use a game the graphic card switches on. I can't remember exactly what it is called I'll try and find it for you. Exactly what Luny said edited optimus id designed to do that.
  2. Well depending on your make/model of laptop, I believe you should have Optimus technology installed onto your laptop. This technology allows switching between the iGPU and your dGPU (integrated vs. dedicated). I'm not sure if your system needs to have the dedicated GPU (dGPU) selected to use it or if it's under the newer versions of Optimus technology that does the switching for you.
  3. You posted just after me haha! I still find this tech by them amazing that they do this.
  4. bigshootr8 said:
    You posted just after me haha! I still find this tech by them amazing that they do this.

    Yeah I believe that "forcing" the dGPU on his laptop is probably causing the system issues. I think it is normally automatically handled by the Optimus program and it automatically switches to the dGPU when he launches the game. I could be wrong, but that was one of the selling points of "Optimus" technology. AMD I believe still forces you to manually switch the dGPU on before playing or you have to manually set the program to use the dGPU when it launches whatever program you select.
  5. I have the lenovo Y580 laptop. Is it possible to change the settings on optimus or something?
  6. However I chose what graphics card to use for the game. So It didn't really automatically choose for me. So there's nothing to fix my problem? :/
  7. I don't really have problems with optimus and my graphics card. My graphics card Works well on ll the games I've played (gtx 66m) it's just this game (a.v.a) which it doesn't work in because the hacking shield ( which is like a antivirus for hacks/cheats) is detecting some kind of third party program when I use my gtx660m.
  8. Ahhh I see now. So really it's probably the AVA (anti-hacking program) that is causing this issue? If that is the case, I would check their forums out and possible email them to see what they have to say.

    Check out this link and see if this helps, I just found it :)
  9. ah thank you so much for the help ^^
  10. gianmaranon said:
    ah thank you so much for the help ^^

    Glad I could help out. Did you find your problem?
  11. Hmmm seems like they haven't found the problem yet :/
    Maybe it's my gtx 660m graphics card? I've definitely updated the drivers etc since I am able to play with other games such as BF3, LoL etc. Just not A.V.A with my gaming card -_-'
    But it works well with my integrated graphics card though. But I don't really want to use it for gaming :/
  12. there's definitely something wrong with the anti hack (xigncode) that's causing it to give an error saying I have a third party program somewhere which I don't that's affecting the game :/
  13. Email them and see what they say
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