ASROCK X79 EXTREME6 --- System runs, but wont display on monitor

Straight to business then.

Dr Debug gave the errors "d6" and "60"

750 wt PSU
Intel I7 3930K

I'm building my first PC. -- I finished up and turned it on... All the fans were working (including the graphics card fan and heatsink). Dvd functional.... But two monitors (which i've tested with other computers) wouldn't find a signal from my new rig.

I tried taking out the ram, using only one stick instead of two, moving them around in the slots, then clearing cmos. Also tried different ram all together.

I tried moving the graphics card (GTX 680) into other PCI-E slots. Powersupply was/is definitely plugged into the motherboard (twice), and all components mentioned are seated securely.

I even started all over from scratch, and built a second time with no luck.
I really want to this to work. Please offer any suggestions.
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  1. What monitor are you using with what connector?
  2. I'm using BenQ XL2420T -- with DVI (but I also tried HDMI with it, and another monitor)
  3. I'm also getting the error code d6, which apparently means "No video out found"

    Error code 60 means "dxe core is started"
  4. Is the video card plugged into the power supply?
  5. eyeage said:
    Is the video card plugged into the power supply?


    I've decided that the motherboard is faulty and I'm sending it back.
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