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Hi everyone, I just built a new system about a week ago and I'm having some issues and I'm not really sure where to start trying to pinpoint the problems and who to contact. Unfortunately with having to wait for parts from various sources time's already running out on some exchange policies so want to get this run down soon as I can. Here's what I'm working with.

AMD FX-8350 stock clock and voltage
ASUS 990FX Sabertooth
16GB (8gbx2) Crucial DDR3 1600 9-9-9-24
XFX 7970 DD Edition with Catalyst 13.1 "stock" speeds (card out of the box ran at the "Black Edition" speeds of 1000mhz and 1425mhz)
Samsung 840 pro 256GB
Corsair HX1050 1050w PSU
Corsair H100i CPU cooler
Windows 8 64 bit Professional (fully updated)

Now the problems I'm running into seem, at least to me, kind of varied and maybe not directly related to one component. In gaming I'm getting really bad screen tearing in several games (DOTA2, BF3, Witcher 2 most frequently) and other games have been highly unstable (Far Cry 3, Witcher 2, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed). Performance has been good otherwise but Far Cry 3 in particular has been unplayable as it always crashes before I can even get past the intro section and it dumps me back to the very beginning cut scene.

Much more problematic is the issues I'm having with the Adobe suite. Working on simple school projects in Flash is causing it to crash for no clear reason. Photoshop meanwhile has the grey background around the file disappear and reappear at random and the work space itself flickers and goes entirely black at times. No crashes at least but still not acceptable behavior from a new system.

System stability has seen one BSOD but nothing else sticks out in particular while using the computer. From assembly I've been running Prime95, memtest86+ or the Heaven benchmark each night to try and suss out problems. Heaven's run for 10-12 hours twice with no issues and low system temp and memtest has run about 14 hours total with no errors reported, though it didn't agree with my BIOS on the speed the memory was running at. Prime95 has shown some issues though. It's caused the computer to restart two of the nights I ran it with a log full of errors, after a different night two cores had suffered fatal errors and each run has produced plenty of warning. This is honestly the first time I've bothered running any of these tools after building a new system, though I've also been fortunate enough to never have any such issues with a new build, so I'm not quite sure how much stock to put in said results.

Before anyone asks, everything is seated/cabled/powered/cooled/etc. properly and all software is up to date. You guys rock and I always end up finding answers to hardware questions here so hopefully you guys can get me pointed in the right direction. Appreciate any help in advance and if I forgot anything helpful let me know.

Edit: One other thing that happened tonight was while watching a 720p video file in VLC it was hanging for a second or two at random intervals and having artifacting issues. Watched this file a few times before, all in VLC, and never seen any of these problems with it. Will have to test some more video playback tomorrow and see if other files have similar issues.
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  1. maybe your volatges arent correct somewhere, for examle, on my old build i had to max the voltage to get it to boot with both memory sticks in, check your volatges would be my recomendations, cpu and ram. good luck!
  2. The only voltage that looked off was the DRAM which was set at ~1.41 on auto so I manually set it to 1.50 to see if that makes any difference. VCORE was set to 1.380 and fluctuated between that and 1.392 while I was in the BIOS. I don't know if it's supposed to change several times over the course of a couple minutes but I've read with the FX cpus the VCORE fluctuates from around 1.37 to 1.55 depending on the situation. 3.3V, 5V and 12V all reported withing .01. As far as I can tell these numbers looked right but I could be mistaken.
  3. maybe you have bad drivers. most updated arent always the best.
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