New build wont start

Just assembled my new pc and it gets to the Windows load screen and then as soon as the dots start to move it restarts. Here's my build

Msi 970a g46 mobo
And phenom 965 be
Radeon hd 7870
750w psu

My ram and he'd are from old pc.

I tryed everything but nothing works
I swapped my CPU out with another I had and didn't work
I put the hdd I'm another comp and booted fine
I switched the SATA modes and tryed them all

Is my mobo bad ? Or am I missing something
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  1. if your hard drive was pulled from another system and has windows on it. you have to boot into safe mode and remove all of the system devices. if not you have to nuke and pave the hard drive and start with a fresh copy of windows.
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