Weird Booting Behavior

I built my first computer in December, and the PSU fan was making some noise so I RMA'd it. When I put in the new PSU, the fan noise disappeared but now something weird is happening.
My scenario is the following. When I'm in Windows and choose to shut down my PC, and then I push the power button on my case (say within a second after the computer powers off), my PC does not turn on again right away. Instead, I have to wait several seconds (maybe 5-7 seconds or so) and then the PC turns itself on (without me pushing the power button again). If I RESTART the PC from within Windows, everything is fine (it shuts down and turns itself on right away no problem). One more clarification: if I shut down my computer and let a safe amount of time pass after everything powers down (say 10 seconds), pushing the power button on the case turns the computer on right away.
Any idea what this could be? Is this normal behavior? It didn't used to happen with my old PSU, but I tried putting the old PSU back in and the same problem is happening (it still makes the old fan noise and it has the same weird booting problem now that I took it out and put it back in).

Core i5 3570K
Hyper 212+
GTX 660 FTW Signature 2
Corsair TX650m PSU
G.Skill 8 GB Ripjaws
Intel 330 180 GB SSD
WD 1 TB Black hard drive
MSI z77a-G45 motherboard
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  1. it's normal, same thing here on my 2 current build and my old Q6600 still running from 2008 to now so no worry about that ;)

    For info, Gigabyte P43-ES3G with Q6600 @ 4.05ghz and MSI Z77a-G45 3770K @ 4.83ghz
  2. sometime with newer mb the cmos glitches on the mb. had it on my asus mb when i did shutdown the mb did not fully shut off. the easy fix was to drain the mb of power and clear the cmos to fix the issue. I would also check that your mb has the newest bios.
  3. Hello,
    Sorry, just to be sure, are you suggesting to remove the CMOS battery and let it sit out (say for 15 minutes) and then put it back in? Does this drain the MB of power and clear the CMOS?
  4. more simple...unplug the pc from the wall let the mb green power led drain for 10 min. on the mb press the clear cmos button or move the jumper.
  5. It seems like I still have the same problem after clearing the CMOS button. I guess I've heard from some people that it should be normal... it's just so weird that it didn't used to happen (and now it happens to both the new PSU and the old PSU).
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