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some time my laptop is not started. when i press the start bottom window is not display just black screen display. there is no any option i have to restart my computer. some time i have to start 2/3 time also
Dell inspiron N5010, win7, 64bit plz tell me what is the problem.
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  1. We can't tell you the problem because the information your provided is insufficient. Maybe you can elaborate more please? Did you do something recently on your laptop? Is that problem old or?
  2. when i boot my computer. my computer's display is not come. it's show just black screen. there is no any option no message. if it happen i have to restart my laptop some time second time also happening same thing. than i have to try third time.

    This is not daily problem. with in 1 month i have to face this problem.
    Dell inspiron N5010, win7, 64bit plz tell me what is the problem.
  3. Give it to your nearest Dell Service Center.
    They'll figure out the problem.
  4. 1. Start the computer. The screen is black. Use a flashlight, and shine it on the screen. Do you see anything of your desktop (icons, background picture, start menu, etc.)?

    If you do, then the backlight of your screen seems to have some contact failure.

    2. If you have a monitor that you can join to the laptop, see if that gives any picture.

    If it does, then you'll know, that it is indeed the laptop's screen's error, and not some software error. (But I doubt it would be software error, since it's black from the beginning - you should see something from the boot process, you should be able to go into BIOS, etc.)
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