Can't find quadro 110M w/Windows 8 installed

I have installed Windows 8 on my Dell D620. There is an nVidia 110M video card installed. Card does not show up in hardware report. Downloading latest driver (296.17) does not find card. Any idea how to make it visible?
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  1. i know nvidia has released w8 drivers for their geforce cards but i dont think so when it comes to quadro cards
  2. nVidia says the Quadro 110M should work with the 296.17 driver.
  3. are you sure you are using the right installation? (32 bit drivers vs 64 bit drivers)
  4. Yep. Tried twice.
  5. be sure that your intel or mb chipset drivers are installed first then reboot and then try to install the video card drivers.
  6. also check your bios to see what video chipset it using the default is going to be the onboard intel chipset. there may be a power seting to use both or the nvidia ones.
  7. i have the same problem, its windows 8 32 bit OS i tried compatibility still no dice. i tried their latest drivers 296.17 and i cant get it to install.
  8. Dear all,

    These drivers ( works with my Dell 620 and Windows 8


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