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Pci gen2 on gen 1 motherboard

i am currently using ecs g14 m7 specs says its using 6670hd presently and planning to upgrade to 6870hd but thats gen2.0 would i encounter any compatibility issues or reduced performance?? and yeah i have 500watt power!!?? also would I be able to use 2133mhz power? I using core2duo -2.93ghz overclocked by bios settings to 3.33ghz??
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    since the 6670 is the same PCI gen, i highly doubt it . . .
  2. hahahahahaha!!! thanx man!! and what about ram issue?? what should I do get more performance? I have
    e7500 core 2 duo -2.93 clocked to 3.3ghz by bios
    4gb ddr3 1333mhz ram!! (ps: less budget)
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  4. what does the motherboard spec for RAM?

    overclocking that E7500 wil give some boost but, just don't expect it to be like a "new rig".
  5. it says DDR3 1333/1066/800 SDRAM!!! :/ any chance for boosting it up?? cooling?
  6. 1333 RAM would give a decent benefit and will be able to be used when you upgrade the cpu/motherboard.

    if you get a decent heatsink for the cpu and overclock it, its not so much getting more but help prevent the cpu bottleneck the gpu. but you will get more out of it, for an example (and these are numbers i am pulling out of the air) if you OC by 20% you may see a 3%-5% increase in framerate. ( again, i am pulling these number out of the air)

    getting the 6870 will provide the best increase in performance. overclocking the cpu will keep it from getting limited and getting faster RAM will help load games and levels a bit faster.

    btw, since you're fine with PCI 2.0, you ought not have a problem with PCI 3.0, have you considered a 7850? it will be better than a 6870:
  7. yep I have considered it ! but its out of stock from where am buying!! and also one last thing!! what do you mean by faster ram? am already using 1333mhz ram and I don't think my motherboard supports more than this!! CAN IT??
  8. OH! i am sorry, i misread and thought you were getting 1333 RAM not already have it . . . .nvm.
  9. thanx a lot man!!
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