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I am located in Montreal Canada and usually buy my systems at the local Best Buy. I am now on my 3rd HP desktop and in market for a new desktop. I use it basically for a home based small business and not for gaming. I am looking for an i5 or i7, INTEL and NOT AMD, at least 8GB RAM and at least a 1.5 TB hard drive. I also need built in capabilities to have dual monitors connected, wifi and DVD burner IF POSSIBLE but NOT NECESSARY. As I said above, I have been an HP person a few times over but now am considering any systems. Asus name keeps showing up everywhere but I am not sure. How do these systems compare with SPECS I need. I also have about 425GB of data to transfer from my current system to new system. Any and all suggestions/comments are welcomeThank you
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  1. you want a prebuilt system for sure?
  2. What are your suggestions? I am not any type of a builder but will accommodate any suggestions that meet my requirements.
  3. Sorry guys. I am moving this over to Newbuild as should not be here.
  4. To be honest if you ever put lego together as a kid you should have no problem getting a computer built, it's not nearly as difficult as people first think.

    Take a look at the link below, fill out the template and post back, with that info we should be able to help you better.
  5. Honestly I think either would be fine. HP probably has the better business line machines. If this is for a home business, you might want to consider ordering a business model. Many of those come with a 3 year out of the box warranty and typically have "better" parts. Not the cheap low end OEM parts in consumer models. Just a suggestions. As long as it has the specs you want either should be fine. I think you would have to order that as BestBuy doesn't sell "business line" machines.
  6. Most people on toms will advise you to build your own computer like what mikerockett said
  7. ^ That is very correct. People on here are very quick to point you to building your own machine. What many of those people don't realize is many people simply have no interest in building something themselves and just want guidance. Some people have all the time in the world (kids), but others work a full day, have kids, hobbies, etc that occupy their time and simply aren't interested in building, they rather buy it and set it up.

    I still say a business desktop is the way to go, but any off the shelf desktop will most likely work. If you have a small or home business it may not be a bad idea to have a talk with a good local shop that you can use as your go to place for issues, should you run into them, with your machine. NOT Best Buy. I've never heard of a good story from their and they just want your money. That also goes for many small places, but there are several around here that have been around a long time that really want your return business and also for you to share your good experience. Those have stay around a long time here. they also usually service printers and things as well.
  8. You don't have to have an interest to favour a good deal. I don't like mowing my lawn but its darn site cheaper than having someone else do it for me.

    Full time work, kids, hobbies shouldn't be a huge issue. Should take no longer than a few hours.

    I understand your position, just want to play devils advocate on those points. Always good to look at all perspectives.
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