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I've had my computer for about 2 years or so, bought all the parts myself but had the guy at the store put it together, a few months ago I had some problems where windows becomes unresponsive I can move the mouse but nothing happens and I'm forced to manually turn the system off at the tower. When this happens 95% of the time when I reboot right after it's unresponsive it either freezes at loading operating system screen or it freezes at the windows 7 logo screen. If I wait a few mins (or hours it the outside temp is hot) it boots only to freeze again a few mins later and sometimes I can play for ages before it freezes. I've taken the pc to the store and he said my gpu was overheated and put two fans on the board (at the time my gpu was running 85C after installing msi afterburner and running fans at 80% its much cooler) the two fans did nothing still have the same problems I can't do a mem test atm because once it reboots after the test it freezes and I lose the test data. My gpu iznt hot to touch but my ram and some things on the motherboard are. Here are my specs:
Windows 7 64bit
i 5 2400
Nvedia gtx 590
120Gb vertex 3 ssd
900Wt antec psu
Coolmaster v8
Gigabyte ga-p67a-ud4 motherboard
Corsair xms3 4gb x4 (16bg total)
Thermaltake level 10 case

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. your ram is supposed to be hot especially after a memtest i would try to take out your graphics card and plug your monitor into the onboard and see what happens then but i have a feeling it could be malware
  2. If I were troubleshooting - here are the steps I would take:
    1) Check hard drive integrity: run at an admin command prompt "sfc /scannow"
    2) Run Malware/Virus check (make sure you have the most current version of the software)
    3) Ensure drivers, antivirus/malware, updates, etc., are all current.
    4) Monitor temperatures of system.

    If nothing is found on these checks, try the onboard graphics with the GPU uninstalled...
  3. Sounds like a RAM issue to me personally, try running Memtest with just a stick or two and see if you get results. Try different combinations of sticks as well.
  4. My gut tells me it's the ram (mainly because I'm hoping is not my gpu lol) my pc has been off for an hour and is completely cool yet still stops loading on windows logo screen so I can't do any mem tests or hard drive tests yet, I'll have a shot when I wake up and I'll post then sorry for the delay and thanks for the responses so far!
  5. you can do memtests without having to get to the windows logo
  6. I've removed the ram and tried booting with different combinations and it seems worse today as it hasn't booted at all, how do you do a membtest without windows being loaded?
  7. you can look it up on youtube you have to make a bootable then boot from it
  8. What anti-virus do you have installed? i had the exact same problem, uninstalled bit defender and bam! fixed!
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