Have a 6670 wondering if i need to upgrade.

I just bought a eight core 3.1 Ghz 8 gigs ram and found out it has a 6670 1 gig in it. wondering if i need to upgrade to be able to play BF3, Planetside 2 and DayZ. i was playing the warZ (Bad game, Ik) to test it out and only got 20 frames on low, while on minecraft getting anywhere from 80-120 FPS on higheswt settings. Any help?
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  1. Minecraft can run on an old Nvidia 7000 Series at good FPS (Well in General)

    You might be able to play those games, But it will be on LOW settings most likely =/

    You should really get a nice GPU for your Octa Core.

    AMD 7850 or 7870
    NvIDIA 660 or 660TI
    Course other conditions would have to be checked also (But just suggesting)

    I have a spare computer with a 6670 in it and it has issues running killing floor at MED settings with no bells and whistles. 20-30FPS


    If you just bought the system then its possible the GPU drivers are a bit out of date. Usually new drivers will give performance increases. Its usually nothing phenomenal, but might ease the "pain" a bit. Id tell you where to go to find them, But Im not familar with AMDs drivers AT ALL
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