Is this a good and compatible build (FIRST TIME PC GAMER) HELP!

Hi i am completely new to pc gaming and was wondering if this was a decent build and more importantly compatible build

CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition (3.40 GHz)
RAM - 8GB Mushkin Enhanced Silverline (2x4GB) 1333 (PC3-10666) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM 1.5V
INTERNAL HARD DRIVE - 750GB Hitachi Ultrastar SATA II 3.5"
OPTIC DRIVE - LiteOn 24x Internal SATA DVD RW Drive
CASE w/POWERSUPPLY - ARIAnet Element Black Midi Tower Case w/ 450W Power Supply

(Note: all of these items were purchased from

Total (inc. delivery) £393.37

Any advice or feedback will be nice, thank you :)
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  1. it should be OK. the Phenom II should work for most games, but is getting long in the tooth
  2. i would get a better motherboard you're looking at putting a micro-atx motherboard in a mid tower case right now
  3. What do you mean by long in the tooth, and if not the phenom which cpu should i get?

    What motherboard would you recommend i get instead of my current one hopelessnoob, or what do you recommendni do instead?
  4. if i could spend more money i would go with this one
    because i never know when i'll need the extra pci slots for something like a second graphics card or a tv tuner
    but if you plan on keeping that build until you need to get a whole new set than you can stick with the micro-atx

    i forgot to mention that your graphics card requires a minimum of a 500 watt power supply and the one included is only a 450 watt psu
  5. By "getting long in the tooth" they are politely saying it's old. The Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition was released in 2009. It's getting on 4 years old.

    Still an awesome processor for the price though tbh.

    I would suggest going for the FX-4300 but this is around £20 more expensive so depends how tight your budget is.

    Or you can get the FX-4100 for around the same price as the Phenom. It's still technically 'old' but newer and faster than the Phenom.

    Both are compatible with that motherboard but you may need a BIOS update for the FX-4300 depending on what version it ships with.
  6. So if i get the fx 4100 how long do yu think that will last me in terms of games before i need to upgrade again?
    I wantnto play games at high to ultra settings and i think my graphics card can handle it but im notnsure about my other components, what do yiu think?
  7. An important(and probably the most broken) rule of building a computer is to never skimp on the power supply and you are breaking that rule. Its is very likely that power supply will fail in a fashion that will take some if not all of the hardware attached to it with it. Get a quality power supply from a manufacture Like Seasonic, XFX, Pc power and cooling, Corsair, or Antec.
  8. I guess i shuld get a separate case and power supply then? Any cheap ones you would like to recommend?

    I was looking at yhe fx 4100 and it got pretty bad reviews, if i were to use it would it be good for a gaming rig?
  9. the 4100 is terrible, then an athlon II, then a Phenom II, then an A10-5800, then the 4300 in order of 'better for gaming'
  10. It generally does get bad reviews. Partly because people compare it to Intel quad-cores (which cost far more) and partly because yes, it's not that great a processor. But at the £75 price range it's about the best available.

    Trust me, it would be well worth your while to spend an extra £20 on the FX-4300 or even go with Intel and get an i3-2220. Of course that would require also changing the motherboard.
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