3 way SLI issues. GTX 660 ti card not showing

Just added a third video card and 1200w PSU to my rig. The card shows up as "windows generic display adapter" (or some verbage similar to that. I wiped the Nvidia drivers and re-installed the latest release. The card still doesn't work (says it needs driver update, when you try to update - it says it is already up to date.) When the PC reboots after the driver update, it shuts off video display after the Windows 8 splash screen. I have to power off and restart. After the third restart, it goes into windows repair mode. It tries to roll back to a previous version and then cannot complete the task. I continue to Windows and it goes all the way through. The card still doesn't show and SLI settings are reverted to defaults and not saved. Are there BIOS settings for 3 way SLI that need to be changed in the card or MOBO? It worked fine with 2 way. Do I need to update a driver for the PCI controller? Clear CMOS? Any help or ideas appreciated. Hoping to not have to do a re-install of Windows 8.

Parts list -
MSI 990FXA-gd80v2
PNY GTX 660 TI (3)
Ultra X4 1200w PSU
AMD FX-8350
G.Skill Sniper 32gb 1866
Intel 520 180gb SSD
2 TB Segate HDD
Kingston 128bg SSD
Alienware/Dell water cooler
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  1. i would open device manager
    click start type devmgmt.msc hit enter
    uninstall both working 660 ti adapters reboot and istall the new driver package below. has updated support for 3 way sli

  2. Will give that a try! Thanks!
  3. hello im sure the gtx 660 ti has to be 448 bit to 3 way sli others are 2 way sli only,
  4. Turns out one of the pci-e 6 pin modular cables had a short in it. May end up replacing the power supply anyway, as it was recommended to go higher to allow some headroom.
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