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I wasn't sure where to put this since I didn't see a help area, but anyway, here goes.

The other day I turned off my computer and a couple hours later noticed that the fans were still on. I went in to check it out and the monitor was off, and the keyboard and mouse lights were both off as well. I tried "waking up" the computer to no avail. I, then pressed the power button to see if that would wake the computer and still nothing. Finally, I force shutdown the computer. I tried restarting the computer after giving it a minute and the only thing that turned on was the fans and the breakout box that goes through the sound card (sound card has its own power connection).

I tried reseating the gpu, ram, and unplugged several power connectors and plugged them back in. I tried using 2 different sticks of ram at separate times (and went down to onboard video) and the best results I have had are that the fans turn on, the power light on the computer blinks and I get nothing else. I, also, tried plugging in an old SATA drive and it sounds like it starts spinning up, then stops, again and again. (My main drive is SSD).

I feel like this narrows it down to a PSU issue, but am not sure. The fans seem to stay on consistently, but perhaps momentum just makes it appear that way. I don't smell anything burning or notice anything else strange.

If it is a PSU issue, any good recommendations?

Could this still be a motherboard or cpu issue? Perhaps ram (trying 2 separate sticks by themselves leads me to believe this is not the case). Seems really strange it just stopped working after using it so recently. There was no surge that I am aware of as I had been watching tv/been in the house between shutting down and noticing it powered back up and did not see anything strange happen.

gtx 550ti
i5 3570k
msi g43 z77a
samsung 840 pro 256gb
32 gb G.Skill Ripjaw ram

The computer was previously working well for the past 1month plus.

Thank you for your help/responses.
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  1. did you hold the poer button after unplugging eberything? runs the capacitors down. cleans the excess electricity out. sounds like a psu issue to me though, however ive never had oone but ive heard of them.
  2. some mb can glitch on shut down..unplug the pc from the wall and try and reset the cmos.
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