Blank screen on startup

While playing a game my monitors went blank. I immediately did a hard shut down, and attempted a reboot. The computer fans came on as well as the front case LED's, but still nothing on the screen.

I first checked my video card (EVGA GTX 560ti refurbished) both pci power plugs were plugged in fully, so I unmounted the card and did a quick visual, and smell check (for any smell out of the ordinary). The fan was still operating when powered on, so I don't believe my issue is specifically video card related.

My next check was the RAM, unmounted reset in same slots.

I removed my CPU (AMD FX4100), thermal paste seemed thin cheap and crappy (stock cooler with stock paste), but nothing new when trying to boot.

I removed the power connectors from the motherboard (ASrock Extreme3 970 AM3+).

I received a new monitor (ASUS vs238 23in.) about 1-1.5 hours prior to this happening and installed it immediately.

I went to Best Buy and purchased a new video card (PNY GT 620) with nothing new.

Outside of replacing the motherboard (Best Buy doesn't have any, and computer supply shops don't really exist here) I don't have any ideas. All my equipment is under a week old, and the only part I have that's not brand spanking new is the (refurbished) EVGA video card.

I don't believe its the vga/dvi connections since both screens went out at the same time. Regardless I will check if that is the issue when I get off work.

Another minor issue is a 3TB WD green drive that isn't being fully recognized. I get 1.99TB and have the remaining 750ish is unallocated, and I don't get any options to utilize the remaining portion of the drive. I have the most up to date drivers installed, and installed a partition program which failed.

Also, my front audio and mic jacks are also not working. I have an HD audio plug in my case plugged into the proper spot on the mobo, but another 2-3 inch cable is also coming out of that same plug. I don't see anything that it can plug into with the same 7 pin configuration.

Any tips, advice, or help is greatly appreciated.


These are the parts I'm using not including drives-
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  1. The other plug next to the HD audio is the legacy AC97 that is no longer used. I assume you needed to right click your volume control and go to sound and then select your head phone jack and mic as the sound and communication device but I'm not seeing it...

    Windows 7 only recognizes 2TB the rest you have to manually format and reallocate...which I did to mine once...and don't remember how off the top of my head but google will show you the way.

    As for the screen going blank, have you tried plugging one monitor into the motherboard's dvi/vga port? I assume your card is the source but it doesn't make sense that the 620 also failed. Are the cables connected to the monitor loose or to the gpu? I know I've had my monitor go black if I pushed my monitor and loosened the connection.
  2. The problem ended up being a short in my memmory, and the fact that my main screen doesn't display anything until after the initial bios start up. Secondary screen shows bios, but was not being used in tandem.

    I looked up how to get the full amount out of my 3TB drive, and will be trying to get it fully utilized this weekend.

    Lastly, my audio has been fixed. I feel pretty dumb for not even trying harder to get that up and running. I would have realized it at some point, but was too impatient.
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