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I ran my anti-virus last night and ended up deleteing a adware program before i went to bed. When i woke up this morning my computer decided it doesnt want to connect to the internet. I've been thru troubleshooting, some forums, tried to start new "networks", and even did run, "cmd", and type ipconfig. The computer has Win XP and when i run the repair on the connection it always gets to renewing ip and stays there until it give up. At one point my DHCP was set to stopped and ive fixed that, The only thing that seems out of place is when i do the "ipconfig" it says in the "media state" that it is disconnected! Im starting to get very aggrivated. lol Can anyone offer any thoughts on how to fix and/or whats wrong? Thanks in Advance
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    It does not appear that the AV program did this.

    Check the status in Device Manager. If there are any yellow triangles, disable (not uninstall) the device and then re-start the computer.

    Another possibility is that the Ethernet might have gone bad; just a coincidence. If this is the case, you can add a PCI Ethernet card.
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