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Update for mobile 4 intel series express family chipset?

I'm tired of this, all my drivers even my sound drivers are 3.5 years old. Toshiba never updates anything from their drivers. I know this card is bad, but i wanna update it, the drivers are from nearly 4 years ago. I'm running a Toshiba Satellite l505. ES5018.

I hope someone can help me get a driver for this, at least older than 2009. The driver i got now is from 2009 which is ridiculous. Toshiba sucks. I been to the Toshiba site and even the driver i have now is newer than the drivers they have to offer for this card on their website, so going to their website isn't going to help. I also been to the Intel website, and same thing, no luck.
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    Drivers aren't magical things that spontaneously appear on the internet. If they don't exist it's because no one wrote them. If they didn't write them it's because:

    1. they aren't needed.
    2. no one paid to have them written

    If you found no obvious driver updates, stop looking. Anything you find beyond this point will be malware.

    Upgrade the OS. Either with Win 7 or Linux (confirming hardware compatibility first). Or get a new laptop.
  2. Well, there's nothing you can do. Most laptop manufacturers do update custom drivers much less often than AMD or nVidia would update their official drivers. Intel does update their drivers from time to time, but usually when their chipset has reached EOL (End Of Life) they stop developing drivers.

    In other words, you are stuck with what you have.... Unless you buy a new laptop.
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  4. Hi :)

    And what makes you think new chipset drivers would make ANY difference ?

    They wont... or new ones would have been written...

    Its not unusual on Laptops for chipset drivers to be 5 to 10 years old... with no ill effects...

    All the best Brett :)
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