Windows 7 Sp1 Trouble

Need help

Got windows 7 last week and have been trying to install SP1. But every time the update fails. Can someone tell me how to fix this

64 bit and error code is 8024200D

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    Download and run the system readiness tool for your OS version on this page ^
  2. Ive tryed the system readiness tool and it did not seem to work

    Anyone else got any ideas?

  3. Ive downloaded and tried that and it did not seem to work

    May retry it just in case

  4. Download and run the service pack yourself.

    Windows 7 SP1 ^

  5. i agree with area 51 for running the service pack yourself but dont use his link as you have windows 7 and that link is for vista.
    go here
    and download the one called windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe if you have win 7 64bit.
    for 32 bit get the one under it.
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