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Alright so I've planning for 2 months what Video card to get, and due to my really bad computer. I think it has limited my gpu options *insert tears here*. So I would like to ask you guys, can you recommend me a graphics card for a computer that has a Intel pentium dual core e2200 cpu, and a ECS P4M900T-M2 Mother board with pci express mother board? I can't seem to figure out myself what gpu would work perfectly. And also, can a Nvidia 8800 gt work with this set up?
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  1. will it be for gaming or for daily usage ? if it's for gaming, that video card is too old, rather something like a radeon hd 7750 because your processor isn't the best out there so that graphic card is kinda equal to it

    if it's for daily usage, why you need a graphic card ?

    Hope it helps
  2. Watch for GT 620 or GT 630 when they come on sale at Newegg. I just installed a GT 620 today in a Dell desktop; seems to work fine. Rebates are offered on some of these products.
    They call for a 350 watts PSU (or higher) with 18A or higher on the 12V rail.
  3. Do you think I can run a hd 7750 on my mother board?
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