Computer shuts down then turns back on

mobo: MSI-880GMA-E41
cpu:AMD PHENOM2 X4 965 BE
gpu:GTX 550ti Gigabyte
ram:8GB Corsair RAM
hd:320GB WD HDD
psu:Corsair 750w cx
case:CM K350 with 2 fans

The problem is the computer shuts off then turns itself back on after long periods of time, does anybody know what it could be? I don't see how cooling could be the problem, i originally thought it was the CPU so i applied some more paste and also bought two new fans for the case.. I'm not sure what else to do, i might try formatting but i have scanned with malwarebytes and i'm not picking anything up, i know the computer has a virus though because google chrome is redirecting me to sites, i have had this problem before but i fixed it but can't remember how, does anybody know what it could be and how i could fix it? please help :cry:
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  1. run the windows repair stuff from the instalation disc, assuming youre using windows. that usually fixes stuff.
  2. try booting off a hirem boot cd and scan your pc and run some tools like memtest. try running hirem mini xp boot and see if the system shuts down.
  3. then get the log, if possible and post a pastebin for us to examine if things go south.
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