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Alright, so I think I'm finally ready to order my gaming pc. Here are my parts.

Pretty much at my cap in terms of cash, this build is gonna cost me about $868.

-Was going with the 3570 till they increased the price (last night) so it now costs the same as the 3570k. I feel like the $20 over the i5-3450 is justified.
-Pretty set on the card
-a deal popped up on the mobo today, so that it comes with an 8gb stick of ram. That's why I don't have any ram included in the build. Will I be missing anything not going with dual channel (I'm pretty much at my cap right now). I'll probably buy another 8gb stick at some point, just not right now.

Thanks for all advice!
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  1. Looks solid, i just hope that ram is 1.5V because i5 will only work with that
  2. butremor said:
    Looks solid, i just hope that ram is 1.5V because i5 will only work with that

    Here is the ram , , and it does say 1.5 so I guess I'm good to go!
  3. That's a high quality psu, the corsair hx650, but it has the chirping noise problem, check on the web.
    I if that's a problem to you get the seasonic 620, it's bronze but it doesn't have that problem :
    Also get a dual channel kit of 2x4GB, not a single stick, if it was a offer, then you can stay with the single stick, but you can add another one later for better performance.
    Also i'd get the sapphire 7950, it has a better cooling system, it's a few dollars more, but it's worth :
  4. I'm only going with the 8gb single stick since its a current promo, free with the motherboard I'm choosing. As for the chirping I did read into it, I'm just crossing my fingers that I get a unit that doesn't have it.
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    From the recent reports on the corsair forum, it still has, if you want a high quality unit without the problem, the seasonic M12II 620 is a good option, the only draw back is because it's a bronze unit, but there's no much difference in the efficiency, it's also a semi-modular one.
  6. By semi modular, that just means that the two mobo cables are permanently attached right? I may switch to that seasonic to save me the trouble, I doubt I'll see the difference between gold and bronze.
  7. Yes, the hx650 is also semi-modular, not fully modular, the ax series from corsair are the ones who are fully modular.
  8. Will the seasonic still have enough cables to power the disk drive, hd, and gpu? Sorry, I'm still kind of new to this stuff. Will it also have room for more parts later (such as an ssd or bluray drive) if I so choose?
  9. Yes, it has 9 sata cables, and two pcie connectors for the 7950.
  10. Sorry about all the questions, I just have one more (I think). If I ever decided to sli/crossfire, will I be able to do that with that psu?
  11. You might get by with 620W, but it will be cutting it close, i'd get at least a 700W unit for 7950 crossfire.
    This one is of high quality, made by super flower :
    It's 95$ after mir.
    Only if you really plan to add another 7950.
  12. On second though I'll stick with the 620w one for now. I won't be crossfiring another 7950 any time soon.
  13. Yes, a single 7950 is suffice.
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