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I'm building my first computer and already ordered the stuff but am having second thoughts about my cpu. I got the Amd Phenom ii 1045t for $89 with [...] id=4305#ov mobo, 8 gb ram. I use it for gaming but nothing too extreme.

I was looking at maybe getting one of these
fx 6300 for $129
fx 8320 for $149

would any of those make that much of a difference if i got one of them instead? Or should i just keep the 1045t? And would the fx8320 work on that mobo fine out of the box? and the power supply i got is 400W would i need a bigger one with any of those cpu's


also have a GeForce 9600 GSO from my old comp. what would be a good graphics card for around $120 or less and again would i need a bigger psu if i got a new card
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    Keep you current cpu, it still is a good one.
    What you need is a better card, the 7770 or 650 ti will do for a quality psu with 400W, but i don't know what's your psu model/brand.
    Tell the model/brand of the psu.

    came in a barebone kit, reviews say its not the best and may actually only deliver about 350W but I'm not too sure. and also just to make clear that I'd be returning the 1045t to get one of the others, not keeping if that makes a difference. and if there is a better case n power supply that i can get i can return this one too
  3. If it's to return, then yes, get the FX-6300, it's better.
    Yes, that psu is terrible, i recommend going with a decent one from brand like corsair,fsp,xfx,seasonic,rosewill(hive,capstone,fortress,taychon),pc power and cooling,antec,ocz.
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