More problems with my ge force 650 ti

So after a week of struggling with getting my 650 ti to work i found an answer on this forum and fixed it. I played Team Fortress 2 at max settings and then I left my computer on to download planetside 2, I come back and have a black screen. Install my old ge force 430 and get computer working. I delete drivers and install the 650. Reboot computer aftr installing driver. Does not work. Keep reintsalling things and now my 430 does not work and the 650 is being held up by preexisting drivers I believe. What do I do to get the 650 working?
P.S. Sorry for lengthy post.
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  1. T be honest check your power supply to make sure that it is actually producing the output of power that it is actually "supposed to be putting out". In some cases the power supply can sometimes not be producing the power it is supposed to. Sometimes the graphics card can be supported by a lower wattage power supply for some time but in the long-run it will fail. Your 430 might not have worked after also because the supply could be almost completely gone and a replacement might be needed. A tool from here might help. I hope i helped. Again i could be wrong and it could be a completely different problem, but ive seen this happens in some cases before. Good Luck!
  2. So yesterday I got my computer working. I got to work by of course deleting drivers and uninstalling the 650 ti, and then opened up normal windows. I left the driver to download from the internet but never actually opened the driver. I go away for about 20 minutes and come back and Windows is open and the 650 is ready. Then i played tf2 it worked but now when I reboot the computer it crashes exactly like when installing for first time with an old driver that inteferes with the graphics card.
    Most of the time I cannot succesfully install the driver. BTW I have a 480 watt Power Supply and the 650 needs 450 watts. The only other things plugged in are a ssd and a fan. This is also the second time I played tf2 maxxed out so I doubt it is powersupply.
    BTW I posted with my Windows 7 working but my drivers and 650 are uninstalled.
    Thanks and sorry for my huge gap in time between posts.
    The driver 310.70 fails to install. I keep getting message boxes saying I need to restart my system. If I do not uninstall all drivers that I attempt to download the normal windows will not work. Any suggestions?
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