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Amd 7970 3gb vs 6gb

is there any performance gains with the amd 7970 sapphire 6gb over the standard amd 7970 3gb. Is there any benefit with 3 extra Gb. I will be video editing, special effects, and rendering at 2500 x 1600 res. with 3 or more monitors.
I will be running 2 cards in crossfire.

anything helps.
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  1. 3gb for hi res gaming on a single monitor. 6gb is for an eyefinity setup.
  2. Having different amount's of memory on a Graphics Card is like a buffer rate , it's best to have as much as you need. The 6gb version might be for EyeFinity and for heavy editing and the 3gb might be for hardcore gaming. 3gb is very good though!
  3. so, would you guys recommend the 6gb only to guarantee peak performance.
    but it's not necessary?
  4. bigcyco1 said:

    Hi :)

    Two of these would be better...then he would have 12 gb...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Brett928S2 said:
    Hi :)

    Two of these would be better...then he would have 12 gb...

    All the best Brett :)
    :lol: i think one of those would be more then enough.
  6. I not heard of any game or editing software (less info on that though) even at Tri monitor resolutions that use 3gigs of memory so I wouldn't recomend 6Gigs ov 3Gig card.
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    BigMack70 said:
    There is ZERO reason to spring for a pair of 6GB cards over 3GB cards. There isn't a single test out there that shows a benefit to the extra vram.

    Even a pair of 7970s doesn't have the raw muscle needed to deal with the resolutions and graphics settings that would need over 3GB vram (and to my knowledge there is not a single game that suffers from having 3GB vram at any setting/resolution).
    I actually agree with this ;)
  8. U can use 3 moniters in need extra 7970.extra 7970 is for gaming.
  9. 3gb is plenty for eyefinity, Have not personally even come close to hitting the limit
    and anything that require 6gb even a 7970 wouldn't have the muscle to run it
  10. thanks for all the help guys, i think what i'm hearing is that the 6gb is just a waist of 100 extra dollars.
    And there is no performance gain with extra Gb. I think i'll just go with 2 sapphire 7970 3Gb versions.
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