Gtx 480 sli upgrade.

Hello, with it being so close to boxing day in canada im looking for some opinions on a new video card setup

I have two GTX480 which run great but im a benchmarking numbers guy that hate frame drops.

Debating on a 660 ti 670 or 680. just Dont wanna go running around buying something that benches the same as my 480's

a 480 running phyx with the new card is an option but they run so damn hot and take up alot of power that i wanna get away from them. there great if you like looking at 80'c without worry haha

running on a MSI X79A GD-45 / 3930k
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  1. I'd get the GTx 680, it could play like 100% titles of today at least 30FPS+ especially Far Cry 3 at 1920x1080 with maxed out settings...

    Also If you cant, get two GTx 660 Ti, it's about $50 more than 680
  2. 680 all the way or a 7970 but you seem to prefer nvidia
  3. If you want the best it'll cost you quite a bit. The 680 is your only real option and you'll still see lower overall FPS.

    Since you have the room I'd say a 680 with a 480 in Physx is your only good option if you want an amazing setup.

    What case do you have?

    Here are the best of the best for what you're looking at, assuming you don't want to jump ship to AMD.
  4. 2 GTX 480s blows a GTX 680, if not in the same performance ballpark.

    So, you're just throwing money away unless you go 2 GTX 680s SLI.
  5. Yea, just getting 1 gtx 680 should give you the same or slightly lower performance. If you're willing to spend the money, get two gtx 670's in sli since your mobo can handle them. Otherwise, you could just get 1 gtx 670 for now and run the 480 as a physx card til you can save up for another gtx 670 (same could be said for the 680, get one now, buy another later).
  6. Do you have any bench mark data to share. I am interested in how 2 GTX 480 in SLI perform.
  7. Currently using an antec 900, good for air flow but im also getting Cooler Master Storm Stryker as an upgrade.Using liquid cooled cpu with a tripple rad , hard to find cases for it, and i would get a water block for a 680 but im not to sure my pump would support a loop that big

    total spec:
    3930k oc to 4.7
    corsair dominator platinum 16gb 2133mhz xmp
    intel ssd 120gb x2 raid 0
    xspc water cooling kit tripple rad.
    Corsair 1050 psu
    gtx 480x2

    so i guess it looks like gtx 680 with a 480 sli might do the trick untill i sell my 480s and buy another i guess...

    ill do a 3dmark 11 bench now

    and yes i prefer nvidia
  8. quick reply, posting 3dmark 11 numbers after dinner, lost track of time...
  9. Well you could consider the windforce card if you keep the Antec case but after the upgrade the cooling would be much worse and you'd be better off with just getting a regular card, that's the only reason I asked.
  10. I say wait for next gen cards - what you have now will "get you by". :-)
  11. 480Sli to 680Solo is NOT an upgrade its £400 just to reduce heat and power. Also considering how well 4xx cards can OC you might only see slight gains.

    I went from
    470SLi @ 825core (10500 P score on 3DMark11) @ 4.2GHz
    670SLi @ 1060core (11500 P score on 3DMark11) @ 2.66GHz

    Yes my 670s are going back for faster stock clocks as the ones I have now just WONT clock, but the performance is about double if you have good OCs on both sets of cards with equilivant CPU speeds.
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    giltyler said:
    Do you have any bench mark data to share. I am interested in how 2 GTX 480 in SLI perform.
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