Pc freezes(Have to restart it )

Hello guys
I have a problem
My pc freezes while playing games like Battlefield 3 or Assassins Creed 3 (Multiplayer or compaign mode) both of them.I don't really know what the problem is because it's a new computer like 5 days old and the temperatures are also normal.
The specifications are:
Intel i5 3570K
PNY GTX 660ti
16 gb ram
1Tb Harddisk
Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H
Advance MPT 650 Watt.
Please help me. It will be really kind of you.

Btw when the computer freezes it makes kind of a weird tone noise and also i cant alt+del or do anything.I just have to restart it.
And i also tried playing games on lower settings but still the same problem. Sometimes the problem takes 20 or 30 mins to occur and sometimes really quick like 5 or 7 mins or less.I did a test of Processor,Graphic card,Harddisk and Ram they are normal
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  1. the psu looks suspicious. its not a major brand (always issues with those).

    first id try taking out the video card and running the onboard alone and see what happens.
  2. make sure your mb has all the bios updates. in th bios make sure your ram xmp profile is turned on. run cpu-z to check that your ram is running at it right speed. (spd) tab tell you your ram rated speed). use gpu-z to see that the gpu is runing rihgt. use hardware monitor to watch temps and ps voltages. use msi afterburner and set a fan profile that turns the fan on around 50c. at 100 percent..rule out the gpu over heating.
  3. So guys the problem has been solved. The guy who made my pc changed the processor and the processor fan which totally solved the problem. Indeed It was a really irritating problem.
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