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  1. TheBigTroll said:
    it has the memory overclock alright, but you can do that in one minute as i said before

    I'd rather get the XFX and overclock the core clock. (Because the XFX only has 900mhz, while the Gigabyte has 925.)

    So im going with the XFX...

    Any last thoughts, BigTroll?
  2. the gigabyte has a better cooler. thats what you are supposed to look for
  3. What luck... After 4 days of making the greatest PC, Amazon can only ship the CPU, hard drive, and the PSU... Others are "unavailable" to Slovenia...

    Why cant i live in te US?
  4. Since i cant order from Amazon , i'm ordering from a slovenian shop

    Anyway, here are the things i'm going for...


    CPU Cooler:
    Do you think this thing fits between my RAM slots?


    GPU (2X):

    (BTW, was this the GPU we were talking about before? It seems to have 900mhz CC instead of 925... I don't care about 25mhz difference, just is this one ok? Is it simmilar to the one we talked about before?)



    they dont have the xfx one, but this one has all the cables built-in.


    Is the GPU good?
    Will the cooler fit my MOBO?
    Can the PSU support 2 GPUs? (it says 4 PCI-E connectors, so i'm guessing that's a yes?)
    Do you think the GPU's will micro-stutter? ( i heard AMD 7000 series has problems with that.)...

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