XFX 4870 few questions bout the connectivity with an LCD TV

Noob here, i own an XFX 4870 (Model No. HD-487A-ZW) graphic card which has Two (dual) DVI-I slots nd now i m into buying an 40''+ LCD TV (dunno yet which one). So since this card doesn t ave HDMI i m wondering whats the best way to connect it with the TV and what should i look for on the TV itself. I ve heard that an DVI to HDMI adapter cable does the job but also there s alot posters with missing audio issues. Also, is the quality difference between the HDMI nd that DVI-I going to drop drasticlly?
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  1. hdmi carries audio as well as video. DVI carries only video you will need separate audio cable you can use the adapter but you will need to hook up audio. what motherboard do you have?
  2. And there is no quality difference, because it is the same video signal.
  3. @te100 i got an UD2H Gigabyte which actually does ave an HDMI output but since i want to play games and watch movies on the TV i can't use it and hold this (good card with an arctic cooler) behind.

    So it comes down to an DVI to HDMI cable + extra audio cable?
  4. use the dvi to hdmi adapter and the use the optical out on your mb to tv or surround sytem
  5. @te that means i don t ave to look for an TV with extra PC audio output, while using the optical out connection? and which cable is that?
  6. the optical is the little square plug next to the hdmi port on mb. It will give you best audio(fiber optic)

    I hook my hd 5670 up to a 55" vizio with just hdmi cable for movies.
  7. You mean SPDIF Out?

    I guess your GPU does ave an HDMI slot, i ave an TFT Samsung T220HD which is kinda pretty nice too.
  8. yes basically you have two audio options. The line out for your pc speakers(headphone jack) or spdif(optical) make sure your tv has optical in cause that would be the best. most will only have optical out. If you are going to use tv speakers then you might be stuck with getting a headphone jack to rca (left,right) cable. If you have a surround sound system then optical.
  9. if you are just hooking it up to your tv with no surround system the you will only have the option to run a cable from the green headphone jack from your board to the audio in on the tv which is usually rca.
  10. I got it, stereo output to an Audio R/L (in) on the the TV. The headphone slot is usually just a Audio R/L out. Phillips has both, but i will look out for the best solution. Thanks for making those things clear, enjoy your day bud.
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