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So guys i just finished putting together a generic gaming pc with old parts that i got really cheap. its a pentium d 945 3.4ghz with 1.5gb of ram (gonna upgrade to 2gigs on wednesday) and i threw a hdd in it which i salvaged from an old netbook and a 9600GSO 384MB DDR3 and a decent power supply that boots up with the 9600gso plugged in.. The problem is.. it won't go past the windows logo screen and i dont know why it just restarts. I hear a chirp sound come from the 2.5inch sata hdd and it restarts and the cmd kind of screen comes up again.. whats the problem here guys? is it the fact that theres already a OS installed on the hdd. will a fresh install of windows xp do the trick?

Note: Already tried re-booting in safe mode, tried disabling shutdown when windows crashes then a blue screen came up which said something about a hdd but i cant exactly remember. it might've said that its got viruses or something.

Halp me pls
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  1. It sounds like Windows might be loading the wrong HAL. Is the OS from the netbook? If it is then a clean install should fix your problem.
  2. Yes it is. awh man looks like i wont be able to play dx10 games :( have to install xp since i lost my 7 disc
  3. Okay tried to re-install. Same error. Blue screen and stop:00000007b error. Couldn't find a way to fix it. Dropped the pc off at the place where i get the parts from, Should be up and running by monday hopefully
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