6950 vs. 7850?

Hi, i am thinking about upgrading my ageing 8600gt. I was thinking either of these 2 cards. Now, i KNOW the 7850 is better, but in this case it's around £25 more, so which would be better if the 6950 was cheaper?





By the way, my PSU can handle both, it's a 500W FSP Bluestorm.

Rest of system below!
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  1. 7850 is worth it
  2. ohyouknow said:
    7850 is worth it

    And if the 6950 is unlocked to a 6970 and overclocked?

  3. Buy whichever one you want. You asked a question, and got the answer already. Buy a 7850.
  4. The 6950 is a generation behind but it will be cheaper seeing as it's the christmas sales and its a generation behind , I believe it can run a lot of games at 1920x1080 still. The 7850 is a newer card and can run a lot of games , but it's a little more expensive. I think it's comparable to a GeForce 660 Ti (I think :S) .
    Choice is up to you mate! :)
  5. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/509?vs=549
    Get the 7850. It already beats some of the tests between the 6970 and uses less power. The 7000 series are beast overclockers and once you overclock the 6850 it should beat the 6970.
    Edit: "once you overclock the 7850" not 6850
  6. I think he meant once you OC the 7850 probably should be able to get it to 7870 and as every one else says I would go with the 7850 either card will be better than the 8600gt so can't really go wrong.
  7. Ah, yes sorry about that, indeed I meant the 7850.
  8. When the 7850 first came out it was on par with the 6950. Now with the latest drivers and GCN architecture of the 7000 series it is much better. I'd gladly trade my 6950 for a 7850 just for this reason.
  9. +1 abbadon_34, I don't even think those benchmarks were with the latest drivers, now that abbadon_34 mentioned them, definitely get the 7850. HANDS. DOWN.
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