Need to spend some money at Zones or CDW

Hey all-

Been looking through threads for a bit, but since this is a more specific question I thought I might as well post it. My job offers 1500$ towards a compy, but the catch is I have to buy through CDW or Zones. I have no idea where to start, but I can tell you what I am looking for if anyone cares to share their opinion on the best way to spend the $$. I like to get a larger format screen (I was thinking along the lines of the Samsung S27A850D 27" Wide LED), and a tower that can take advantage of the screen. Don't really game much, it will mostly be used for daily computing, Netflix, etc, but I might want to be able to connect my PS3. Thoughts? I appreciate all everyone's expertise. :bounce:

Dave in Seattle
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    only had time to look at CDW, but this looks like the best desktop they have:

    Actually has a real discrete graphics card that isn't too terrible, a high end CPU, plenty of RAM, SSD cache for HDD.

    Wouldn't leave quite enough for a 1440p monitor, but you could get a big 1080p one.
  2. Thanks for the response.

    Any recs on a monitor? Stick with Samsung?
  3. I'm not too up on monitors. But honestly, if you don't go 1440p, I'd probably just get a couple of 24" 1080p. 27" with 1080p kinda looks grainy because it the same number of dots as a smaller screen spread across a big area.
  4. Well I can only afford one it looks like when doing the math. I've read that the medium level cards like the one in the tower you linked really can't take advantage of the 1440 anyhow. Is that true in your opinion?
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