Gigabyte HD 7970 AMD Radeon Graphics Card - 3GB

I have a MSI 7950 twin frozr 3gb at the moment and i was wondering if a Gigabyte HD 7970 AMD Radeon Graphics Card - 3GB was worth the price per graphics difference or wether or not there was something better, but around same price thanks.
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  1. FYI gigabyte have locked overvolting on the new revision cards without saying anything about it.What a scumbag way to go about it.I lost allot of respect for GIGABYTE.
  2. oh so should i just get another of the same and crossfire them or get something else, and yeah that is a pretty stupid thing for them to do, wonder why.
  3. Well 2x7950 will perform better than 1 7970 (though you may see mirco stutter) the real questin is why are you looking to upgrade ? are you running multi monitors not getting the performace you want etc ?
  4. I can only assume so they would not lose any sales.As for your question well if you can return the card i would just get one of these if not i recommend buying another of the same card you have.
  5. I have not long ago just upgraded my pc:
    Bitfenix Colossus case
    MSI Z77A-G45 Motherboard
    i7-3770k cpu with Hydro H80 liquid cooler
    2x4Gb corsair vengeance ram Blue
    750 watt OCZ 80+ Bronze psu

    And i still get the odd stutter here and there and would really love it to run games like butter, I don't want something over the top just an average card tht will run anything that's out right now.
  6. I also looked at and crysis 3 and my card only just passed, and it said that a 7970 would suffice.
  7. I do not know if this is true personally but maybe that is why get the odd stutter or spikes i tend to think it's not true more would have mentioned it.Then again why make it up and post fake doctored proof lol.I don't know...
  8. Well im using windows 7 anyway so it can't be that but thanks for pointing that out.
  9. Well if your using win 7 yep safe to say that's not got anything to do with it.No problem.Your welcome.
  10. Would it be best to get an nvidia gtx card or amd.
  11. Lol!I cannot answer that without starting a fourm red team vs green team fight.Honestly all that will come of those sort of questions is you still be confused and a mod will step in and lock your thread because it will get really out of hand.I think it's based on personal experience and personal preference.
  12. I Understand that so should i just get a 7970 and hope it will be better for me.
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