None of my graphic cards are working.

Ok so i have a MSI z77A-GD65 motherboard. and for the past 6 months it has been working fine. just today i changed my power supply and now none of my graphic cards are working. i have tried both PCI-E x16 slots and my GTX560TI HAWK doesnt display anything and just makes the fan run at full speeds. My gtx550ti cyclone 2 edition doesnt even turn on and my XFX hd5770 does the same as my 560tihawk, it just runs the fan at full speed and nothing else. everything else works. my ram is working, my ssd and HDD are working, and my i7-2600k's hd3000 is working. just that none of my graphic cards are working... im guessing the 550ti is dead since it doesnt even turn on but how about mt gtx560ti hawk and my hd 5770. are those dead to? or are my PCI-E slots dead?
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  1. you try running it again with the old power supply?

    Logic dictates that if you change one thing in a system and the system fails to work then that one thing that you changed is probably the cause of that issue....I'm really surprised that you didn't even mention that it could be the new power supply's fault in your post.
  2. ^^^ this.

    Slap in old PSU, it is works then the new PSU is fubared, if it dont let us know.
  3. well... i fixed it. the problem was that i was a retard. since my PSU is a modular PSU....the corsair ax750 btw, i didnt plug the 6pins into the power supply... so the fans were just running and the 550ti didnt get enough power... i put the cable into my PSU.. now its working lol
  4. glad to hear that... happy gaming.. :)
  5. Lol nice
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