Screen goes black and fan spin like crazy while gaming

i changed my pc some week ago, now i have:

i5 3570k
gtx 560 ti 448 core directcu 2
corsair vx550w
asus xonar dx
wd blue 500gb
cm 690
2x2gb ram corsair

fps and all are good but very rarely (like 1 time every 10 hours or more) while i game my screen goes black and i have to go to task manager to kill the game process, sometime it even recuperate alone and i can keep playing

what could it be? the psu not giving enough power?

im using the latest nvidia drivier and update even the motherboar driver, also when i changed my system i did a quick format no the complete one (i had windows.old in my system) could be some driver survived and giving me trouble?
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  1. I don't think its the PSU. You might need to consider upgrading your RAM tho.
  2. you think its the ram? why if i can ask
  3. What games do you play mainly?
  4. guild wars 2, dota 2 and now far cry 3 it happen with all of them but if i remember good only with guild wars 2 it will restore after a while, the other two game im forced to kill the process
  5. FC3 is a very demanding game, 4 GB is not good for a game like it so I guess that might be a main reason in why you are crashing/freezing and forced to kill the process. This game will eat your RAM within 1 hour of playing.
  6. still, why the other games should crash? they always run good with my old pc(e8400 and gtx 460) and 4gb ram..

    anyway maybe i got it, i found in the bios the vram was v1.5,85 when it should be v1.5

    maybe since these are cheap ram they was overheating and casuing crash dunno, i'm gonna test with 1.5v ty for the help until now man btw
  7. I will say this once so we can all understand it!

    IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR SYSTEM RAM - Don't even think about replacing it. Games use VRAM not RAM, I expect you are using less than 3GB while gaming - task manager will show you.

    Black screen sounds like the driver crashing and failing to re-initialise fast enough causing your games to crash. I'm guessing that Asus DCUII is factory OCd? Use EVGA PrecisionX to 'downclock' it back to original nVidia specs and go play some games (albeit at slightly lower frame rates). My bet is that it will no longer crash.

    Run Heavan at max settings on a permanent loop for a few hours (while at DCU2 factory shipped clocks) and I imagine it will crash more than once per 10hrs.

    If no crashes at NVIDIA STOCK, its time to claim on Asus's loverly 3yr warranty.

    P.S Also just saw your extra bit of info in topic, could very well be heat related and thermal throttleing. So time to get GPU-z out and set the temp sensor to show max and update in back ground.
  8. Install MSI afterburner and monitor your temps - I bet they are a little high. down clocking can help but I think your card is not getting enough cool air. My GTX460 did same black screen when it overheated.
  9. my card max temp while gaming is 54% and the fan dont even go after 20% i dont think its a temp problem

    anyway yes its factory oc'd, im gonna try to downclock it
  10. i mean 54 ° max after 3-4hour of gaming, dunno why i cant edit the post
  11. .... 54% is not a temp. Try.again. In degrees C
  12. cough coughm download and perma run HEAVEN
  13. i will after all the other option u gave me will fail, atm i just cant let the pc run for 10h free, i need to use it :P

    thanks for the help btw
  14. depending on what you are going (assuming no games) and make sure you save your work, you can run heaven in the background whilst doing other tasks, it wont slow down your PC,
  15. update: i left heaven run for 12 hours and no crash, looks like the problem was the ram with too much voltage..
  16. It happens because of overheating. I have a GTX 560 ti AMP! OC at 1050mhz, I know the sound, try capping the FPS at 60. Remove the cabinet's PCI slot cover or whatever it is called, the one below your card so the graphics card radiator can pass the heat outside. Install some fan on the cabinet near the graphics card (exhaust)
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