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Hallo, I have this issue. Lately, my second graphic card is permanently using 30-99% of GPU in idle state. This makes windows slower and new games like farcry3 completely unplayable (lags, low fps, errors), also the fan is turning like crazy. Today I found out that if I open Device manager and let it opened the GPU usage drops to 0%, fan calms down and even the gpu clocks changes.


I tried different drivers (from 285.62 to 310.70) but without any difference. Opening the task manager is the key, when opened (and can be minimalised) everything is running perfectly.

Is this some kind of virus or something? Its a mystery to me :)

Thanks very much for advice
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  1. You can either get a new GPU since your GPU uses lots of power and is slow too or you can reinstall windows 7(recommend)
  2. Well. It was a virus. Fixed with ComboFix utility. Everything working fine now. There are usually a less painful solutions than complete reinstalling or buying new hardware. Thanks though.
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