Opinions on build?

At the moment there is nothing wrong with my PC but i am thinking about selling it and starting from scratch, and at the same time do a complete overall upgrade. I just want some opinions on my part selections.

mobo: Asrock Z77 extreme4 or GA-Z77X-UP4 TH
Cpu: i7 3770k
GFX: GTX 670 or GTX 670 FTW or GTX 660 ti FTW
Ram: Kingston HyperX genesis 1600 CL9 8gb
PSU: FSP 750w 80 plus gold modular
Storage: 1tb seagate barracuda 7200
128gb vertex4 or intel 520 SSD
Case: Corsair 600t
CPU cooler: up for debate...

Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated thanks!

edit* come on guys 23 reads and no replies....
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  1. I like either mobo, thunderbolt would be nice though so maybe the gigabyte.

    go GTX 670, you'll want the 256bit instead of the 660ti's 192bit. I would suggest this one...

    I borrowed it for a while from my brother in law and loved it. awesome cooling, so you'll easily be able to OC it to above and beyond FTW numbers.

    my power supply recommendation depends on if you plan to SLI in the future. if yes, your selection is fine. if no, then this...
  2. the 750 is because i can get it over the 650 for an extra $10 and it has great ability for future expansion. I would rather go for an EVGA or ASUS gfx partly because i have a brand obsession but also i strongly trust them.

    Newegg is irrelevant to me btw as i live in NewZealand. So for me a GTX 670 is about 600-650 NZD.
  3. Push for a 7970 instead of nVidia. If it is purely for gaming, drop to a 3570k. The m4 is a solid ssd. I suggest the extreme4, good for oc. Cooler master hyper 212 plus is an excellent cooler. I suggest getting a seasonic/corsair Psu. For the case, it is up to you but a cooler master haf 912 is a good cheaper option. Make sure you get 1.5v ram an that the 2x4gb is under or around $40. Ripjaws or corsair are good choices.
  4. ok how bout this one?

    and newegg may be irrelevant for you, but it makes it much easier for me to find choices and link from there. so i suggest you get the EVGA 02G-P4-3677-KR, where you buy it from is up to you (that sounds kinda mean and rude when reading it, but i don't mean it that way lol).
  5. Although a 7970 is a powerful card, it depends highly on the type of card. the better 7970's cost alot more for me and a 670 can be oc'd to equal or better it.

    if you havn't heard of FSP aurum psu's they are equal to seasonic and corsair psu's. I'm running one atm and i really like it.

    Case is not up for debate, it is a sacrifice of mine for a case i love.

    Ram is also the same as what i'm running and i highly trust it, very quality ram.

    why 3570k over 3770k for gaming? i would OC the cpu to around 4.5ghz

    Lastly i was looking at a coolermaster 612 which seems to be very good.
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    indeed, the 3570k is as good for $100 cheaper when used for a purely gaming build.
  7. @augray37

    I have tried to look for that card because it is the one I wanted but can only find the 660ti like it. only other 670's i can find are the normal ftw and the standard 670 :(
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