New Pc wont turn on?

I built a nice setup I have a P8Z77M motherboard and a coolermaster 690m case. I plug the powersupply in and my graphis car light turns on so does my motherboard however when i click the powerbutton it wont turn on. I have literally checked everything and can not figure out the problem does anybody have any ideas? any guides will help thanks.
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  1. try shorting the motherboards power pins.

    does it turn on then?
  2. ha ha no i meant like the actual pins on the motherboard. lets skip that for now lol.

    hmmm.....well let's get some more information first. could you elaborate on exactly what the problem is and the symptoms it's giving you?
  3. do you have the power switch cables on the motherboard correctly? is this your first build? do other fans power up? do case lights turn on? etc.
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