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Looking for a GPU upgrade, can't decide.

I am looking to upgrade from my GTX 570 to something new. The main reason I am upgrading is because I would like to have solid 60 FPS, max settings and 1920x1080 resolution with the following games:

Battlefield 3
Far Cry 3
Saints Row the Third
Crysis 2
Borderlands 2

I also want to record so if I could also maintain 30-40 FPS while recording it would be nice. I was considering either getting a GTX 680 or a 7970. I prefer Nvidia only because of the PhysX but I heard you can just get older drivers and use a Nvidia GPU with the AMD GPU, but I'd rather not do that. Anyway, I'm open to getting either AMD or Nvidia I just need suggestions on models which I should get. If you need any more information just ask and I will provide.
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  1. GTX 680 will be good to go.
    7970 lies below it.
    Ghz edition is just OCed 7970 compared to Stock GTX 680.
    So OC GTX 680 and you'll surpass that Card.

    But if you are tight on Budget 7970 is also a good idea.
    You can OC it above 1Ghz and make it "Yourself Made Ghz Edition". :lol:

    For Recording purpose you'll probably need a good CPU.
    I think you must have one, Right?
  2. I plan on upgrading from my non-K 2500 to a 2700K as I have a 1155 mobo and do not want to upgrade to 2011 or wait until 1150. My question is, is the 680 worth the ~100 premium over the 7970? To me it seems like it is, but I'd like an outside opinion before I commit to a purchase.
    Thank you. ^_^
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    CPU is very good.
    Wait till Haswell arrives. Then we'll get a idea how fast Haswell could be.

    7970 costs around $380
    7970 Ghz cost around $450
    GTX 680 cost sround $500

    If would be in your place then I would get the 7970. They are worth the price.
    GTX 680 rules them but the price is a little more.

    If the price is a factor then get 7970.
    If not then GTX 680. I've seen some of them near $460.

    You can get a GTX 670 and OC it hard to reach the stock performance of GTX 680.
    Most of the 7970 are near 7970 Ghz Ed cards. So getting a 7970 Ghz is waste.

    Search for a Good Brand High clock Card.
  4. Yeah I thought about waiting until Haswell to see if it's worth spending the 100-300$ to upgrade. I guess I'll get a 7970 as they are cheaper and just use hacked/older drivers so I can do PhysX in Borderlands 2. Besides, I don't think the pric premium is worth the extra 100 for a 680.
    Thanks much!
  5. And in Future you can add anther in Crossfire.
    That system will smash every game. :)
  6. Never thought of Crossfire! Thanks a lot man! Much appreciated. :D
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