Why does my computer run dx11 bad?

When I go to play Far Cry 3 on dx11, it will only run at 15-20fps and lag every couple of seconds, but when I run it on dx9, it will run great at 50-65fps. Also, it doesn't seem to want to run Medal of Honor Warfighter either. It'll say that it's running it at 90-130fps, but it will lag and freeze every couple of seconds. Even on the lowest graphics, it will still freeze every couple of seconds (90-130fps was on ultra and high settings). It's really annoying and almost unplayable. I just finished sweeping all of the amd drivers off my computer and re-installing the latest and greatest. I also made sure the latest directx was installed. Anybody have an idea why it does this? I would think my computer is capable of running it.

My rig:
-AMD 6950 2gb x2 (crossfire)
-Intel core i7 950 3.07ghz
-6gb ram
-Sabertooth x58 motherboard
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  1. Have you installed the latest crossfire profiles?
  2. Yes, AMD application profiles version 12.11 if that's what you're referring to.
  3. Also, disabling crossfire made far cry 3 run smoother and 5-10fps faster. I have no idea whats going on.
  4. Gpu set up look like this. 1x gpu=x16; 2x gpu=x16+x16=(x32); 3x gpu=x16+x8+x8=(x32); 4x gpu=x16+x8+x4+x4=(x32). so 2xgpu=4xgpu.
    So check 2x gpus in x16slots.
    if inserted in x8 u get 50%of gpu speed and 25%in x4slot.
    so make sure.
  5. Update windows .Automatically detect and install latest best driver and fix all issues.
    Update bios.
    Update hdd/ssd firmware.
    Full Scan system with "SUPERANTISPYWARE" Freeware.
  6. Both of my graphics cards are in x16 slots. Windows is fully updated. I couldn't find any bios updates or firmware updates for my hard-drive. My computer is clean of viruses. I do have a question, the bridge between my graphics cards has two spots it can plug into on each card. Could which slot it's plugged into effect it? Do I need 2 bridges to fill each slot?
  7. Known issue with warfighter and I dont think its been patched.
  8. Oh, ok. I will try different games. I have Operation Flashpoint and Borderlands 2 to install aswell. But I'm still wondering why Far Cry 3 runs better with crossfire disabled and set on directx 9 from the options menu.
  9. Far cry 3 has some issues with crossfire and directx 11 for amd cards. I run 3 7970s and still dip down into the mid 50s in some points of the game. AMD did release a CAP on 3 Dec to help fix some of the issues...not perfect but a bit better.
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