Can I use dual monitors with this?

If I use my primary monitor with my graphics card, then can I set up a second monitor with the integrated graphics port? How much more power if any will this take from my psu?
Just need a simple answer. Thanks!
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  1. Thats what im doing right now, you should be able too.
    Pretty much negligible difference in power consumption, under 10W if that.
  2. Probably will be the same amount. Since the onboard video will come through the CPU. so how much ever power your CPU uses.. and add that to your GPU max draw and all the other components..

    How much power supply do you have? and i could give you a short quick answer
  3. Depends on what chip, some disable the onboard, some allow both. what chip, motherboard are you talking about?
  4. Mobo does not allow integrated gpu to work if u insert gpu in pci.
    use latest gpus has more than 2 ports available for moniters.
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