I have abig problem after change the bios

hello i have gigabyte 4670 zl

i have changed the bios and after that i got green points flashing in games

i put the last bios from gigabyte f 12 i dont know what to do to fix that

and i havent the original bios to restor it and while changing bios the pc freezed and i restarted it

i dont know what to do ....
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  1. Remove all drives.remove pci gpus.plug moniter in integrated gpu.download latest certified bios.then Update bios again.
    downloaded bios file corrupted so not update successfully.update successfully then no problem arive.
  2. Update gpu, hdd firmwares.
  3. i made anew windows now tell me plz how to fix that
  4. give me alink to new bios and the program to flash it
  5. the last bios make the green points but the standerd 1 dont make any green ***
    what is the hell ?
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