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Hello, i have a sapphire 7950 oc edition... cost me alot of money and its paired up with an amd 6100 thats at 3.4 ghz.. now my card runs most of my games no sweat on maxed out... but for mw3 for some reason i get such bad fps... has anyone else expirienced a problem with mw3 with my certain card and if not how do i fix it... tbnrfrags had the same card as me(no im not a fanboy) but he got at least 200 fps with his card and it was paired up with an i7 2600k i know obviously its better then my cpu but my cpu is still pretty good can anyone help me? Everytime i jump into a match to it takes like 3minutes to load but when i get into the game i have at least a 3 bar.. i really need help . Thank you!
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  1. the 6100 is a OK CPU but i tried a 6100 for a month or so and I wanted my Phenom II back..
  2. yeah its a pretty good cpu but do you know what i can do for the bad fps in mw3.
  3. My friend maxes out MW3 with FX 6100 & 6870 on Ultra.
    So, no chance of CPU problem.

    Maybe the game is Corrupt. Reinstall.
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