HD 7750

Ok i wanna buy HD 7750
Few questions...
1. I have 365w max Hp branded PSU made in CHina
2.I have PCI-e x16 slot

so can i install and run HD 7750 on these specs?
also i want max the upcoming game GTA five and others

on my moniter 1280 x 1080
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  1. it wiill work.please tell +12v ratings on power supply
  2. 7750 Doesn't need a outer connector from PSU.
    It draws power from PCI slot.

    So, you are good to go. ;)
  3. will it max gta 5 and max payne 3 battle field 3 gta iv skyrim and other upcoming heavy games?
  4. Not at all. :lol:
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