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Can i run nvidia gtx 650ti on ddr3

can nvidia gtx 650ti ddr 5 run on asus ddr3 motheboard.
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  1. The memory on the graphics card and the memory on the system are two different things, they don't have to be the same to be compatible.

    Yes it will work.
  2. can it even run on ddr2?
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    As I said, the Video RAM and system RAM are different things. There is no incompatibility between them.
    Yes, it will work.
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  5. thanks got a great help .. selected best answer
  6. Yes but the motherboard must have PCIE slot for the Graphics Card to be used in the system...
  7. any other requirments
  8. ^ That it does, but that has nothing to do with the memory.
    Pretty much any modern-ish motherboard will have a PCI-E slot.
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