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Leadtek GTX 670 vs Asus GTX 660 oc

Hi there. So I'm having a problem of choosing which graphics card to choose from for my new gaming rig. I'm torn between picking these two

Leadtek Winfast GTX 670 :


Asus GTX 660 oc (not ti):

The price for the GTX 670 is 388$ and the Asus 660 is 333$ ( price is expensive cause I lived in Malaysia)
The games I'm playing is bf3, modern warfare 3, black ops 1,2 , mass effect, crysis , wow , hitman, ac3, darksiders 2 , sleeping dogs, well pretty much the mainstream games nowadays.

Current specs :
i5 3470
asrock extreme 4

thx for helping :pt1cable:
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  1. I would prefer Leadtek.
    Its not much Popular but still okay.
    As in Competition there is a GTX660 which is weak against 670.
  2. will the leadtek get overheated easily? and will my cpu bottleneck it?
  3. Best answer
    The card must be tested through them.
    So no chance of Overheating at stock speeds.

    Dude, how can you even think that CPU is going to Bottleneck. :lol:
    I own that CPU. Its just awesome.
    Not even going to Bottleneck GTX 690. ;)
  4. Best answer selected by aimanj93.
  5. ok thx so much
  6. You are welcome. ;)
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