HD 6570 in a hp dc7700

im looking for a better card for this aging pc, i want to be able to play games like borderlands, moh airborne and call of juarez on med-high settngs will this card work in a dc7700 sff with a 240w power supply
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  1. Probably not.
    That PSU doesn't have the power to run that card.
  2. ok then is there a card that is low profile and will fit my needs
  3. wat about 5450 or 6450 they have lower power consumption
  4. Best is 7750.
    It doesn't need any power from PSU.
    It draws power from PCI slot.
  5. ^^^

    Not sure why you are telling him that since the Radeon HD 7750 uses more power than the Radeon HD 6570.
  6. ok can anyone reccomend a budget card suitable for casual gaming
  7. nvidia or ati i dont really care i just want something that works
  8. It'd be hard to find any graphics card capable of running those games at the desired res seeing as how even the low profile PCIe cards require at least a 300W psu.
  9. really, i have seen higher rated cards run on a 250w psu
  10. the 6450 wouldnt even run? the rest of my specs are fairly basic, core 2 duo, 4gb ram,
    a dvd drive and a crappy radeon 2400 pro
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