XFX HD 7770 Overlcock Edition

Would my Corsair CX430 PSU work with this card. On XFX's website it says minimun 450 watts but it uses no more power than a regular 7770.
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  1. Yes.
  2. I just bought that power supply. My computer had a 250 w power supply before and i'm sure my components didnt use more than 250w so i did the math. The HD 7770 uses 90 watts so that would be 340w altogether. I don't understand why they want a 450w PSU.
  3. They over rate the specifications so customers don't complain.
  4. Would a gtx 660 work on that PSU?
  5. Most likely, but that would depend on your other specifications. The CX430V2 doesn't provide enough connectors for the GTX660, and I wouldn't bother using the adapters.
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