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Amd A8 3870k would bottleneck a gtx 660(non ti)

Would A gtx 660 bottleneck my a8 3870k.
Im running it on a 1600x900 monitor
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  1. Can't say.
    Have you bought it or thinking of buying it?
  2. Im thinking off buying it
  3. Ohh..
    If you have bought it then it would be easier to check.

    Let me do some research then. Wait for a while.
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    It will not affect much of the Performance.
    According to this:,3370-16.html

    The card used there is 7870 which is as good as GTX 660

    EDIT: Scroll down and find Crysis 2 & Mafia 2. Its not good as i5. But will get the work done.
    Upgrade in future if you can ;)
  5. Thx Mate
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