Upgrading graphics card to GTX 650Ti, need help !!

Hello all,

i am thinking to upgrade my graphics card ....

my specs are:-
intel core i3 530 @2.93Ghz
Intel DH55TC motherboard
4gb DDR3 RAM
Nvidia Geforce 9400GT
Samsung B2030 20'' Monitor
Intex Cabinet ( i dont know if the PSU is the same or not )

my budget is 140-180 US$(arnd 8k-10k Indian Rupees)....

i want to play all the latest games like FarCry3, Call of Duty BO2, etc. at full graphics or atleast mid-high graphics but with good performance ....... I was looking at the Nvidia Geforce website and was thinking to go for
ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card or,
ZOTAC NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550 Ti 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card etc ....

I dont know if my PSU would be able handle it or
the CPU wouldnt bottleneck its performance ..... Plz suggest me wat shd i do...

I would really appreciate :)

Thanks :)
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  1. Dude, I too used to have that card. Upgraded to a GTX 660.
    OCed that card to max possible through MSI Afterburner. And got the most out of that ;)

    Best is this: http://www.flipkart.com/zotac-nvidia-gtx-650-ti-1gb-1-gb-gddr5-graphics-card/p/itmdezd6yn6kwa7m?pid=GRCDEZ49PTZU4G7E&ref=ec178231-94f9-4636-8bb0-e766a8ecf47f
    But out of Budget. But as you listed above that card.

    Its better than any 7770 there.

    And also take a Pic of your PSU an share here. Thats important.
  2. how do i find out my PSU ?

    i guess i have to open up the CPU, well i would do so and would get back here again :)
  3. go for sapphire hd 7770.
  4. If it is Integrated then you'll find it above of your Cabinet.
    It will be stuck to the Ceiling of your Cabinet.
    It had a fan at the end of the Cabinet.

    Take a picture of its label.
  5. The GTX 650ti will run those games but wont perform SMOOTHLY at high or mid maybe at low but that kills the gameplay really badly. Save up and go for a GTX 660 and you can play at Ultra settings with at least 40+ FPS.
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