Case faceplate won't come off HELP!!!!

i bought a cheap gaming case for my first build the case is a CIT Saturn the case comes with 2 pre installed fans one in the front and one in the side i recently bought some new fans because the stock ones were way to loud but to replace the front fan i need to remove the front panel i can't see any screws just these plastic things under the is a gap which i assumed thats where you put your hand but i don't want to force it of in case it breaks.
any advice Thanks
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  1. from experience there is at least 1 or 2 screws holding face plate (had it on both of my mid sized towers) usually in a corner up top where its hard to get in with a screw driver.

    then there are plastic tabs either one way or squeeze tabs

    one way tabs are easy to pop but two way tabs you need to squeeze and pry and it is difficult cuz it does feel like its gonna snap :P (two way tabs = ones to squeeze together)

    in the end you will need to give it some force to pop it forward even with tabs squeezed. the only good thing is that new plastic twists more easily without breaking, so you can be a little calmer with that
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